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Jack Kirby's Ten Most Amazingly Underused Concepts →

I’m posting this article here, because of third position on the list - Karkas and Ransak the Reject

Karkas is a deformed but invulnerable super-genius whose intelligence allowed him to realize that there’s really no point in being evil when you’re in a world where evil routinely gets trounced by guys with magic hammers and jet boots. Reject is also deformed, in that he’s a Deviant who was deemed too handsome to be a part of their society because he looks like a normal human. Together, they rebel against their evil society, defecting to the good guys and smashing up pretty much everything that gets in their way. And the best part? They are also teens.

I think I’ve jsut found some of Marvel Universe’s oldest C-List superheroes. Okay, maybe Z-List is more appriorate, but still.

We should totally bring them back. Two teenage rebelious deviants. C’mon, imagine them trying to join JGS or Young Avengers, this would be golden.

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